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Thread: John Ward book

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    John Ward book

    Can anyone point me to any work by John Ward on the web? Not the advertising photographer that pops up first on Google, but the photographer who has a book out called "Land and Light in the American West." I think he was featured in Photo Techniques recently, but I don't have that issue. I saw a copy of this book recently, but it's in shrinkwrap, so I can't look inside without buying it. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Mike, unfortunately I don't know where on the Web you can find John's work. I first became aware of him in 1989 when purchasing his Rocky Mountain National Park calendar. After some correspondence in which I suggested he make the following year's calendar a somewhat larger format, John invited my wife and I to his then-home in Boulder. We became friends and, since that time, I've purchased three of his 16x20 mounted black and white prints, a 20x24 Evercolor pigment print that I cajoled him into having made around 1994 and two copies of "Land and Light in the American West." One of the books was for myself, another was a gift. As it turns out, John's black and white prints hanging in our house are also in the book which, unlike his no-longer-produced RMNP calendars, is entirely monochrome. The best description I can give of this work is predominantly middle-distance landscapes in the classic west coast tradition, with full tonal range and overall sharpness. Family illness has kept us from getting back to Colorado for three years now, and John's prints are a constant reminder of what I'm missing. The book contains images from a variety of states in addition to Colorado, including a cover of what John has described to me as his favorite place in the world, the Grand Canyon.
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    Buy it!!! If you like good B&W landscape photography you won't regret it. I've got a copy right in front of me. The majority of the images were taken in the Rocky Mountain States, and include grand scenics, close up of rock formations, old abandoned buildings - quite a range of work. In the books Introduction, it mentions that John shoots primarily 8x10. It is well worth the cost.
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