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    Quote Originally Posted by billschwab
    I'm wondering if anyone has been having trouble with photo-eye?? They have been selling my book quite well for the past year, yet getting payment from them seems to be like getting blood from a stone. They owe us a substantial amount (to me at least) and we have received nothing from them since October of last year. We have emailed time and again, sent duplicate invoices and statements of their account.. all to no avail. Over a month ago they answered 1 email asking what they owed. We responded... and then heard nothing more. Now we have been trying to call on both their info line and order line during business hours and it always goes to their voicemail. We have yet to receive a call-back.

    I have been in this business for a long time and have been stiffed by more than my share of clients who have gone belly-up while owing me large sums. This one feels a lot like those experiences. Anyone having similar experience?

    Frustrated, Bill
    I received an e-mail last week from a friend that photo-eye owes money to for book sales. After raising a little hell so to speak they offered to pay roughly half of what they owe.

    I'm not sure if this means if photo-eye is having financial problems but it doesn't sound good for photo-eye or the photographers that are owed payment for print or book sales.

    I like photo-eye and visit their store every time I'm in Santa Fe, I hope they can make it through what ever problems they may be having.
    Don Bryant

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    Update... Success

    In good faith I must report that this situation has finally been resolved. The owner personally contacted me this week which was very kind. To restore good faith there has also been an offer to prepay future orders. I have also been notified by another photographer that had made contact stating that his situation has been taken care of as well. I am hoping this is so for others that were kind enough to share their experiences after reading my original post. Even though it took nearly 10 months, it is a good sign.

    Thanks again to all that wrote with support.


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