My son Andrew and I met Robert8x10 on Sunday for lunch before the John Sexton lecture at the Portland Art Museum. It was a good lunch with a great guy. If you all are ever in Portland, look Robert up.

The lecture:

John Sexton claims not to be much of a public speaker.

John, if I may...I've got to call B.S. on that. You are a very fine public speaker. Andrew and I were quite excited by what you showed us of your work but even more thrilled to listen to you. We were entertained and informed. There wasn't a bad minute in the 2.5 hour lecture.

Folks, if you ever have a chance to meet the man or attend a lecture, you owe it to yourself to be there.

I just got Recollections tonight. This is a new John Sexton book and prolly his best. I have 2 other Sexton books and this one is already my favorite. The reproductions are second-to-none. John is right, this really is a quality tome.

I haven't posted for several months but this weekend brought me out from under my rock... Time to head for the hills again