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    Wow what a book!

    Just came across a book I never heard of called ‘Deshima’ in one of the bookstores I go to in London. I would like to say I have seen a number of exquisitely printed books but this one has to top the list. The colour and black and white plates are quite astonishing and had to buy it there and then. A lot of the printing seems to have been completed in the Netherlands.

    The book includes a number of unknown Dutch photographers including Céline van Balen, Harold Strak, Carla van de Puttelaar, Jasper Wiedeman and Koos Breukel.

    The title, Deshima refers to the island in the Bay of Nagasaki where the Dutch first introduced photography to Japan.

    The book is quite hard to find although 2500 were printed and is not helped by the fact that it has nothing written on the spine! the isbn no. is 9080213241, amazon.com have a couple used and i found three copies on abebooks for those that are interested although quite expensive in the U.S, its worth it though.

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