Howdy to one and all!
This past week, I attended a book-signing of a woman author named Marianne Wiggins. She wrote a novel based on Edward Curtis life and career. Within the storyline are sub-plots regarding her own father. I have yet to read this novel and I can barely wait!!
Abit more of Marianne herself: she is the former wife {get ready for this, folks!}
Salmon Rushdie!! Soon after their wedding in Londen, Khomeni [sp?] put Rushdie on "the hit list"! So they were 'on the lam' for their honeymoon!:o
She has written about 10 books, this "Shadow Catcher" is her first {I think?} of having both photos and prose in a novel.
She, I feel, is a kindred spirit to me, because she is both a photographer and writer as I aspired to be.