This Saturday, December 1st, from 3:00 PM to Midnight, I'll be
exhibiting three of my panoramic photographs at an Open House at
Kirwen Art Gallery in Elmore, Ohio. It wasn't a goal of mine to be in
an art show, hadn't thought of myself as an artist, but I've got a
hunch I'll fit right in, and I appreciate the opportunity. I suspect
I'll even enjoy it. * It's my second exhibit of panoramics, so
it's definitely still a thrill.

Of the three prints that will be on display, two will include
motorcycles. One is Harleys (dozens of 'em) lining the main street in
small-town Genoa, Ohio; on a Bike Nite this past summer. The other is
a 360-degree panoramic of Pemberville's main street, including a Gold
Wing parked in front of the local watering hole, the "Animal Shelter."
The Animal Shelter was recently turned into a more family-friendly
place, so that photograph is already history.

The Pemberville shot sold right away too, to the Pemberville
restaurant formerly known as the Animal Shelter, now Cherry's Pub &
Grub. History, you know... Angle of view is just under 360 degrees,
as there was a light pole behind my back that added nothing to the
scene, so that portion of the 360 was cropped out, leaving maybe a 355
degree shot.

The third shot is the Toledo skyline at night. Interesting shot in a
different way. *No bikes, as it was shot in late winter of 2006. But
since it was shot from the Anthony Wayne bridge about 100' over the
East Toledo neighborhood where I grew up, on medium-format film, it
has tons of detail. Foreground you have the Willis B. Boyer lake
freighter / museam and the neighborhood, midground you have Toledo's
cluster of tall buildings and office space, further out you have grain
elevators and construction rigs building the new I-280 single-pylon
suspension bridge, and farther away still are oil refineries and
radio towers. Above that are the low-hanging clouds, lit by the city
lights from below. The overall angle of view is just under 180

The main thing is they're all local, showing everyday scenes in a new
way. The Toledo shot was taken maybe 15 miles from my home, the Genoa
shot maybe 10 at most, and the Pemberville shot I opened the door to
my apartment and crossed the street.

I was helping to get the place ready after work last night, and saw
many other photos that are in the show. Several LF contact prints,
in particular an 8x10 of a man being shaved at an old-fashioned
barber shop where the detail was just incredible.

Here's a bit more info on the show:

Kirwen Art Gallery, Open House Invite:

Directions to Kirwen Art Gallery in Elmore Ohio:

I intend to be there the whole time. My SO Sharon will be there with me
early on, but not all the way to midnight. Makes for a long day, so
I don't blame her for not staying for the entire event.

Oh, and I just droppped the images off at the gallery a little bit
ago. They'll have food, other art and other artists, and you're all
invited. I asked about the food - lots of seafood,
bouliabaise (I know the word, but don't know what it is), Mexican...
and some no-cheese dishes as well. I'm told I just have to bring
something to drink.

Funny addendum here - mom always wanted me to study design, rather
than art. And now look where I've ended up anyway, in spite of her
good intentions.....

Doug Grosjean
NW Ohio