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    Thank you very much for the copy of "Black and White Photography". That cover (Issue 17 - January 2003) *does* demand one's attention.

    My compliments on the content and "presentation" - and the quality of the images - definitely an order of magnitude above the "ordinary".

    The article "Manuel Alvarez Bravo 1902 -2002 - A tribute by Peter Adams" was especially interesting.
    Some time ago, I wrote some poetry. I showed some to a "Literary Person" who immediately accused me of copying Ezra Pound. I was not familiar with Pound - I had never read his works - however, I found there was some sort of "coincidental" identification - my work WAS similar.... although not intended to be.

    That same "coincidental identification" exists between my "modus operandi" and Bravo's - although I'll leave the comparison of "worth" to others - I personally don't think I even come close.

    Some of Bravo's statements *resonate*:

    Peter Adams: Do you have a photographic philosophy?

    Manuel Alvaez Bravo: Most definitely not! I believe that a photographer's work comes from the experiences he has had. The work comes from the photographer's mind, which has been formed by the experiences he has had.


    "... The most important thing for a student - or any artist - is perception and nourishment of their souls. A great painting, like a great piece of music, or for that matter, a great photograph - these are expressions of an accumulation of impressions and influences that the artist has held up to that moment in time.
    The longer the artist lives, the greater his perception becomes and the more his expression wil change."

    Wonderful!! This is the sort of article so prevalent In the late lamented "Camera and Darkroom", that I wrote about before - deep, incisive exploration into the "inner workings" of the "being" of those who produce the world's significant photographs.

    Again, MANY thanks.... Is there a source for subscription in the USA?
    Carpe erratum!!

    Ed Sukach, FFP.

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    Among the many, many, photography books I have, by all time favourite is "Creative Elements" by Eddie Ephraums. A very inspiring book if you love working in a darkroom.

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