My father recently emailed me about a friend's father who passed away in February or March. The friends father (Naseeb Baroody) had written a book and submitted it to the publisher. Unfortunately, he died before the book was ever printed. It was released within the past 2 weeks.

I'm not trying to take any of you on a guilt trip but if you are interested (in the book, Not the guilt trip), it should be in major U.S. bookstores (Barnes & Nobles, Borders) soon.

The book is: "The Unexpected Visitor" by N.B. Baroody, Narrated by M.H. Baroody. You can also buy the book online at the publishers website. Joggling Board Press, T.U.V.

It has some great B&W photos taken over the past 50-some years. All photos were taken with film too! This is his 2nd book.