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    2010 VIGEX International Salon

    Currently showing at the Geelong Art Gallery, the 2010 VIGEX International Salon is well worth a visit for those of you looking for inspiration in skilled imaging from far away lands. Quite a large number of Clubs are represented either as Friends of VIGEX or shortlisted with participants, though curiously, not all prints in the catalogue were on display.

    Atmospheric landscape monochrome scenes of Rannoch Moor, China, Japan, Vietnam, USA and others rub frames with on-the-fly street photojournalism and quite striking in-your-face portraiture (some of it quite confronting), then back to humble scenics, such as a surprisingly very pedestrian view of well-known Hopetoun Falls in the Great Otway National Park here. There appear to be a vast number of of digitally-produced prints but the Hopetoun Falls print, and a companion of fungi, appear to be RA4.

    After absorbing the variety and impact of VIGEX, it's only a short wander into the airy open spaces where the imposing, detail rich works hang of Eugène Von Guérard, The Barter (1864), or View of Geelong (1868) or McCubbin's moody, patho-rich storyteller, A Bush Burial (McCubbin was a pupil of Von Guérard). A good way to pass an hour or so.
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