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    "La Antena" by Esteban Sapir

    Hi all,

    Recently encountered this movie as a DVD at my local library. Took it with me because of the interesting B&W front cover and intriguing story:

    "La Antena" by Esteban Sapir

    My-oh-my, I have never encountered anything quite like it... It is a "modern" B&W silent(!) movie, in which literally is just a few minutes of spoken words, fully according to the story, as it is about a town where a dictatorial media magnate "Mr TV" has robbed all people of their voice (geeeez, doesn't that sound familiar somehow? ), and only one woman "La Voz", a singer, has kept it.

    I would never for the life of me have thought I could watch a silent movie for 90 minutes and be in awe every second, nor be bored at any conceivable point in time.

    Go find it somewhere if you can!

    It was the opening film of the Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR) here in the Netherlands in 2007.

    It is a movie like no other, with references to film history dripping all over it, yet in a fully modern new form.

    Admittedly, although much of it has been shot on Fuji Super 16mm motion picture film, it has been extensively digitally post processed to achieve the character and special effects (although they did resort to for example building and filming a miniature city as well, later digitally integrated), but which motion picture film isn't nowadays?

    You will forgive it, once you see the result.

    Here's some links:


    "La Voz":

    I think we are all a "Cero de esperanza" here on APUG (no, I am not going to explain this remark, watch the movie instead )

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