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To me how you portrait the 'fatty' sounded derogatory for example. Addressing him as 'the fatty' and the 'swarthy fatty' and '... it just about made you sick to watch him...' . You introduce him as '...small,swarthy, cross-eyed, fat man ...' And continue addressing him as 'fatty' , while strangely all others receive names during the story (Eva, Jack, Marc, ...) ....
Rince, you feel right emotion, but directed wrong way ;)
The thing is, the description of 'fatty' is being made from the story main character's point of view. He just don't feel comfortable in the place and feels unpleasant emotions towards other meeting members - and apparently, especially towards one of them.
Similar (but not the same) mechanism is in the next story you mentioned.

If you would read the whole book, you would see I don't identify myself with every main character in every story (I just couldn't!) - although majority of texts is written in first person.

But nevertheless - my writings may seem controversial, that's true. I don't like being politically correct frankly speaking.

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So I am not trying to say it is a bad book, I just say it is not for me, judging from the few pages I did read.

After all you did what most of us are just talk about and you finished your book project!
Yes, I think I perfectly understand what you say, and I'm really grateful for your opinion. Thanks!