Hi friends,

finally I rescued a never used Metz 202 flash like a sleeping beauty from its fatal sleep Though I kissed it in somehow a weird way - removed a capacitor that forgot how to store electricity, and forcibly re-formed it with a hi-voltage power supply. God, it was a project - it's about 1000+1000 ufarads, so I had to step up the voltage on each part for three days - from 50 volt to a working 360V. Fortunately my flu allowed me to sit home and pore over it, slowly and patiently. Well, now the flash works just like new - and the automatics of course works perfectly (though overexposing by maybe 1/2 stop, maybe - but that's not a problem, it might be my imagination).

I can't find any technical info on 202 - it's just too obsolete It came with two sync cables - one PC-household type, and one household-weird female plug - any idea what it's for? I have never seen such connectors before... also what is the guide number of it, 54 or 60? I know 402 is 60... what's the difference?

All the very best,