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    Agreed with Rich. I generally use 1 degree (my meter also does 3 degrees as well). However, there are times I just use the 3D matrix meter on my Nikon F5 (no zoom) - generally only when the light or subject is changing too fast to spot meter.
    Robert M. Teague

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    Quote Originally Posted by reellis67
    I was looking at CHEAP options for a spot meter and found these two options: 1) the Minolta 5 degree spot attachment for my existing light meter, or 2) A Gossen Luna Pro with the 7/15 degree spot attachment. What I was wondering was has anyone had any experience with either of these, and if so, could you recommend either one over the other? Or do you recommend not getting either until I can afford something better (if that day ever comes). My budget is no more than $75, and preferably around $50, so both of these should fit the bill, used of course. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    - Randy
    I used the L. Pro 7/15 degree attachment for many years and once you learn how to use it, it can be used very effectively. Most 1 degree meters aren't exactly meter 1 degree anyway and all exhibit some degree of flare. But back to the point, the L. Pro with spot attachment can be picked up for peanuts these days on e-Bay. You could certainly do a lot worse. The meter is excellent by anyones standards.

    My 2 cents,
    Don Bryant

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