[QUOTE=Jim Noel]Unless motion is part of the equation, there is no such thing as too little light with which to photograph.

One of the most effective demos I ever witnessed was Dean Collins making a portrait with a bare 5 watt bulb.

Try it sometime.

All very interesting but I'm not sure what it has to do with what I was trying to accomplish. I'm not trying to set a record for the least amount of light used on a product shot. I am trying to get an acceptable shot of a product which can be seen clearly without squinting. And maybe you like the look of bare bulbs. I don't.

I used two 500 watt daylight corrected bulbs pointing into umbrellas to get even diffused light over the subject. I wanted to get max dof over the subject and crisp focus over the entire frame. The two shots below are from my Minolta Z-1 which I used as a digital polaroid to check shadow fall. The actual photos were shot with a Mamiya 645 w/55mm lens using Ektachrome 100 asa. The Z-1 in manual mode only stops down to f-8 so the image posted does not have the crisp focus overall of the film shots. I had then souped today and am having scans made of them which will be ready later this week.

The final shot I selected was shot at a lower angle than the test shot with the digital and has slightly different placement and no hot spots.