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    flashmeter range limit

    I find myself doing some still life with flash lately. I'm pretty new to flash and pretty new to indoor work in general. But the flash meter I use, Sekonic 508, only reports a measurement to a shadow of about f5.6. I guess this is a limit of the Sekonic 508. So I am contemplating purchase of a flash meter that will measure darker reflections. I am sort of hooked on spotmeters. I've used one for many years in landscape work. And in the indoor work I'm trying to accomplish I would really like to be able to 'place' the low low values of subjects. I suppose I could work around the limit by lighting so the low lows are in the 5.6 neighborhood but this seems to call for a lot of light.
    Does this make sense to some of you or am I missing something?

    I've seen information referring to the Minolta Auto meter IVf flash meter's range, I see the statistic--(with) 5° attachment: f/1.0 - f/90.9
    I'd like to know that this meter will measure into pretty deep shadows. Anyone have experience with this?
    Is the Minolta spotmeter F worth trying to purchase for it's 1? spot? It kinda looks like this is no longer made. Or does Minolta have a model that replaces it?

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    Minolta stopped making all exposure meters. The spotmeter F can measure down to f/2.0. The newest flashmeter VI in spot mode only measure down to f/2.8.
    I think the Sekonic L-558R has a bit better sensitivity.



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