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    Quote Originally Posted by mark View Post
    I am curious, what would be the necessary lighting setup for a beginner. The High school I work at wants a lighting set up. Money is an object but they don't want something that is going to be dead in a month.

    I'm the guy they see "hanging out on the side of the road with a really big camera" so i obviously know everything.:rolleyes:

    Since this is something I was recently wondering about myself I said I would ask around.

    Yes I know available light is the cheapest, but they want a flash set up.
    Hi Mark,

    What's the school's budget?

    What's the teacher's curriculum? (For example, does he want to demonstrate more than "one light/one reflector" basic lighting? Or, does he perhaps want a couple more lights to show the effects of a fill-from-the-front or a background light?)

    Is the school more concerned with buying the best equipment for the money, or demonstrating & teaching basic principles and use? (not a commentary, but a sincere question)

    Will the cameras be digital or film?

    If digital, why the absolute contraint for flash?

    In my opinion, continuous light is better for teaching purposes anyway (whether with digital or film cameras), as well as being cheaper and therefore easier to replace once the inevitable damage occurs under student use (sorry, but I've worked in a school photography department . . . I've got my prejudices!)

    Plus, with non-flash lighting, the teacher has a great opportunity to demonstrate color problems and show how to correct them. Lastly, this type of lighting falls squarely within your parameter of "beginner" !



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    I really can't answer your questions. I do know that there is no photography curriculum at all. I know the graphic arts department is in shambles, and I know that there was no thought put into this beyond asking me about it.

    Put rational thought aside, act without thinking and then you will understand where this inquiry comes from.

    I only asked because I was thinking about this same thing not to long ago, so, on a personal level, the two light and reflector idea sounds good. I already have one light.
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