I have searched the web and APUG about this subject, but I really do not have clear answers.

I have a Nikon SB 800 strobe with a cord that has a PC adapter. If I connect it to a Hasselblad 503CX on the lens then the two will work together using the automatic features of the SB 800 [fill-in, ...]. [Please correct me if I am wrong.]

Can I get the two to work with the Hasselblad 503CX TTL? Will a SCA 390 allow the proper connection or am I missing something? [concept or equipment].

If not, what would I be loosing by not have the blessed strobe for the Hasselblad?

Caveat: I do not use the strobe very often and if needed I could use it on the Nikon and shoot 135 instead. Therefore I am not inclined to buy a second strobe. :rolleyes: