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    Metz Mecablitz 36 CT3

    I have an old flash unit (Metz Mecablitz CT 36) that has worked wonderfully for over 30 years. Few months ago I bought a digital camera (Nikon D80) and the wonderful Metz flash that have worked so well on my 35mm Nikon F601 (European name. Not sure about the name for same model in USA) doesn't seem to "talk" correctly to the new digital camera. I read that digital world is different and digital cameras don't seem to be able to read the light properly.
    Do you know if there is a way to resuscitate this flash unit and make it work on my Nikon D80 ??.
    I hope it is possible as I was able to bring back to life my Gossen Lunasix 3 light meter.
    Thanks for your feedback

    P.S.: I apologize in advance for I just noticed you are 100% traditional photography. Since last year I do now both. I always carry both Nikon camera bodies (F601 and D80). I hope you can still answer my question (if you know the answer, of course). Thanks again
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    The flash appears to have (I'm having a hard time finding the english pages on the multilingaul PDF on the Metz web site) full prgram integration on the older Nikons. I would not be surprised that the newer Nikon cameras want to talk to a flot more sophiticated (likely Nikon only ) flash.

    If the flash can be set to the mode where it uses it's own light sensor, and you set the digicam to the synch speed and right aperture that the flash expects (ie.in manual mode on the digital camera) I am thinking that the flash should work just fine.
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    I'd be hesitant to use the Metz with the D camera until you know the trigger voltage of the flash.
    You can measure across the two contacts in the PC cord.
    Similarly, some of the older Canon ttl flash units won't work correctly on D cameras and it may be true of Nikon and Metz.
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    Metz Mecablitz 36 CT3 works on Nikon D80

    Good morning !
    It works, but you would need to obtain the standard adaptor SCA 301 which would require you to switch your camera into a full manual mode.
    There will be no communication between your camera and the flash.
    Just the plain signal from camera to flash - "flash the hack" -
    The Mecablitz works with a low voltage circuit. So no danger for your Nikon.
    I work with this flash on a Canon G11 - no problemo.
    You could download a "adaptor archive" on the Metz homepage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Norberator View Post
    The Mecablitz works with a low voltage circuit. So no danger for your Nikon.
    And the camera is o.k. up to 250 volts anyway.

    I think a lot of this flash voltage nonesense was mythology invented to sell more equipment.

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