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Thread: Vivitar 365

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    Thanks for the information. At this time I am trying to use it in manual mode. I will just have to restrict my usage with ASA 400 film. My 365 does not have a sensor hole as shown on the diagram, however.

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    Good Morning,

    The sensors for the 283 and 285 are not the same as the sensor unit for the 365. The 365 requires the separate sensor unit for automatic operation; the 283 and 285 have built-in sensors located on the body of the flash.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rusty_tripod
    Does anyone know the guide number vor Vivitar 365 Zoom Thyristor? Not listed on Vivitar web site.

    Rusty Tripod
    Rusty Tripod:
    My copy of "Advanced Lighting Techniques with Vivitar Electronic Flash Systems", Vivitar Corp. 1978, gives the guide # as 80 at ASA 25 (160 at ASA 100). Normal 50mm lens.

    Wide/ GN 70 (140 @ ASA 100), 35mm lens.
    Tele/ GN 100 (200 @ ASA 100), 105mm + lens.
    Super Wide/ GN 35 (70 @ ASA 100), 21mm lens with adapter supplied

    This should help somewhat, Howard Tanger

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    Published guide numbers are never right, you must create your own based on actually taking pics. The procedure is simple, Set the flash 10 ft from a target and make a series of exposures, on any film, at one stop intervals. Look at the results and pick the one you like and multiply that stop by 10 and you have a usable accurate personal guide number based on your equipment and technique. A couple helpful hints...no notes-put the stop on a card in the scene and make it large. Putting the stops (2.8, thru 11 or more) around the edge lets you put a clamp (clothes pin) pointing to the stop without having to setup cards for each exposure. Whatever you do don't use a Macbeth chart if you don't have a transmission densitomer to read the film...they're worthless visually. If the info is on the film it's more helpful.

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    I created a list of part numbers for the Vivitar 365 flash and for future reference I'll post it here. If anyone has the missing parts numbers please fill in what's missing.

    Description Item #
    SB-5 AC Adapter 120/220 0239264
    SB-5 220v 0239375
    PC-1 12" shutter cord 0236300
    PC-31 3 ft Coiled. Shutter cord 0236388
    NC-4 Nicad Battery Pack 0239471
    AP-2 Spare Alkaline Battery holder 0239493
    Charge 60 60 minute charger for NC-4 0238360
    CC-12 12 volt charger for NC-4 0237950
    EC-1 3 meter Extension cord 0235129
    UB-1 Umbrella with Bracket 0235680
    SA-1 Sensor adapter (for bracket 35mm or 6x6) 0235886
    WFK-1 Wide Angle Filter Kit 0235842
    CB-35 25mm Bracket for Quick Release Pistol Grip 0238212
    CR-1 Cable release 023835
    CB-66 6x6 bracket for Quick Release Pistol Grip 0238223
    LVP-1 Power Pack ( Eight C batteries )
    FK-1 Filter kit
    FK-2 Filter kit
    WFK-2 Wide Angle Filter Kit
    21mm Wide angle Pannel
    Vari-Power 2
    High Voltage Adapter HVA-365

    I use C size NiCad cells and a Radio Shack Charger. I have two sets so keeping a freshly charged set is easy. Right now there are good deals on eBay for C sized nicad cells.
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