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    Okay We agree to disagree, and really it does not matter that much..

    Dave Parker
    Ground Glass Specialties

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiseowl
    Ian, thanks for posting the photo, do you have any technical details to add, focal length, film speed and aperture would be helpfull. (If only to help put my mind at rest.)
    It was definatly 400 film. Probably Kodak Porta VC.

    It was shot on 35mm - The big group would have been better on 120 - you'd normally plan to do them outside, and get plenty of height, but in this case, due to circumstances it HAD to be done indoors with flash, and there wasn't enough space to fit everyone into the MF lens field of view.

    As I didn't actually take it (I was at the side trying to get everyone to squeeze in), I'd have too guess at the exact settings. It was a regular Canon Zoom lens, so it was probably 28mm (maybe 35mm depending on which of the two zooms she was using) at about f/4.

    The flash was a 45ct4, used directly without any diffuser. to get maximum power.

    I do feel slightly guilty posting her work in this case, as it was in a make-do situation. Most of her stuff is MUCH better than this, but I'm showing this as a worse case, to reasure you that you can get the shot in difficult circumstances.


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    Pushing Film for Low Natural Light

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Jacobs
    Martin, I just did another wedding about a week ago. I did 99% reportage B&W, pushing film as needed. I did, however, need to get at least a few color shots of the ceremony itself, which was in a very dimly lit, large church. While I love ISO 3200 B&W and shot lots of it, I don't love high ISO color films, so I had to resort to my flash. I simply used a bounce flash, and bounced it off my hand. Much softer light, and no attachments and cards to fuss with. I'd attach an image, but I haven't had an opportunity to scan them yet.
    Hi Cheryl, could you give a bit more detail on why/when you might decide to push i.e. TriX 400 film and how do you best record it for processing later? Can I see some of your examples at various 'pushes'?
    Kind regards

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    "I do feel slightly guilty posting her work in this case"

    I completely understand that this is a far from perfect situation to be in, and I understand your reticence in posting and that makes my thank you even bigger.

    Thanks also for the tech info.

    Cheryl, thanks for the tip about bouncing off your hand, I hadn't heard of that one before. Looking forward to seeing some examples from the latest "I don't do weddings" shoot ;-)

    Dave, my aversion to flash is down to laziness, lack of experience and lack of skill with small flash. I've seen examples shot using multiple flash and it can be very effective, but have never really put any effort into learning the technique. I can't help but feel a wedding is the wrong place to start.



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