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    What is a Print Exchange?

    A print exchange is where particpants make prints and send them to each other as gifts. Here in APUG there are 5 'official' print exchanges - Group, Blind, Alternative Process, Toy Camera and Postcard.
    • The Group Print Exchange is where particpants are organized into groups of 4 or 5. Each member of the group sends a print to all members of their group. Most prints here are 8x10. Jeremy Moore coordinates this exchange.
    • The Blind Print Exchange is where particpants are assigned one person to send a print to, without the recipient knowing who the sender is until the print arrives. Most prints here are 8x10. I coordinates this exchange.
    • The Alternative Process and Toy Camera Print Exchanges are similar to the Group Print Exchange except prints in those exchanges are made exclusively with alternative/historical print processes or the pics are taken with toy cameras, respectively. CarlRadford organizes the Alternative Process Print Exchange and PhotoPete coordinates the Toy Camera Print Exchange.
    • The Postcard Exchange is where all particpants send all other particpants a postcard size print, or something equivalent like a greeting card, for example. Nige coordinates this exchange.
    The basic process is:
    1. Sign up (PM the coordinator or members of your group your name and address)
    2. Make prints
    3. Mail prints
    4. Enjoy prints you recieve
    To date, anyone can particpate in the print exchanges, although there is some positive reaction to making the Group Print Exchange for subscribers only.

    Feel free to ask any of the coordinators any questions about the print exchanges. I hope you particpate in the next round of exchanges. They are alot of fun.

    Regards, Art.
    Visit my website at www.ArtLiem.com
    or my online portfolios at APUG and ModelMayhem

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    I have to say after participating in three rounds of the group print exchange and one round of the postcard exchange that this is the part of APUG that I am enjoying the most. The APUG galleries are great but there is nothing like getting photos in the mail and seeing/holding people's work. Thanks to the organizers of the exchanges for the time and effort they put in to coordinating it all. And thanks to Art for sending out a public invite.
    Best regards,



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