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    Victoria / Vancouver Island Large Format Users' Group Meeting

    First, I'd like to announce an LF users' group mailing list for people in Victoria and on Vancouver island. This is open to anyone who shoots or has interest in large format photography (I guess we can consider anything that takes sheet film and shoots at least the mini-speed graphic format (6x9ish?) up to ULF sizes to be "large format"). This isn't meant to be elitist or anything, but there are lots of other camera clubs and photographer's groups out there, so this is going to be at least marginally focused on LF photography.

    Just go to google groups (groups.google.com) and search for "victoria-large-format-user-group". You should be able to sign up from there, I think.

    Otherwise you might be able to send an email to victoria-large-format-user-group@gmail.com and you'll probably get an automated reply telling you how to sign up.

    Next, it might be fun to have a casual get-together of some sort. I'm happy to volunteer my place to the cause - I live in Vic West and it should be pretty easy to get to. I'm not sure what date but possible the weekend of the 16th or the 23rd. Alternatively, maybe you're all busy enjoying your summer weekends outside, so some weeknight might be a better idea? The idea would just be to get to know each other and share some prints - nothing rigid or formal, just a casual meet-up.

    The Calgary LFUG that I used to visit had a good system where we'd meet once a month on the second Tuesday just to show a recent print or two and hang out, alternating between people's houses or locations. It was pretty fun and seemed like a good way to share experiences and show images to each other. Maybe we could eventually do something like that?


    If everyone's busy with vacation and camping and stuff, we could put it off until September.
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    I tried the email, but it got bounced back to me as undeliverable. I am interested, though being an hour and a half away, and working on-call means I'd make it to very few meetings in Victoria. If there is enough interest on this side of the Malahat, maybe some meetings could be up-island?



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