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Hi Dave,

I've been programming computers for 41 years and do it for a living ( along with a lot of mathematics and statistics and other endeavors that require thinking and then programming. ) I actually do not have accounts with any "social networking" site... I can hardly keep up with my email! Forums like APUG to me are the best of all, like the old usenet newsgroups, because you can come back and read them later and do it in your own time. It's also astonishing just how much information has been recorded in the APUG forums... a search on any topic is like having an encyclopedia of photography in your fingers, along with a huge collection of experts willing to take time to help. I hope there is a good backup of it somewhere... it is a valuable collection.

If I understand your point, you're suggesting that we just make the pinhole forum more active instead of making a separate group? I haven't been on APUG long enough to understand how the groups and forums are different. But I'll be very happy to participate in either or both!


P.S. cool gallery! Bookmarked to look more carefully later. I like your 2007 bridge!
Thanks. Yes, I did embedded systems programming for roughly twenty years before a "sudden retirement" in 2002 and hardly consider myself a Luddite. From Facebook I now know way more than I wanted to about some twenty-something relatives and i find F.B. even lower signal to noise than LinkedIn.

I agree with the beauty of archived threads preserving a lot of useful knowledge. As to your last line, that pretty well jibes with my thinking. With the galleries and the forums already here, it seems most things are covered without adding more. Additional sites strike me as solutions looking for a problem -- but I can be a bit on the curmudgeonly side!