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    George Papantoniou's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
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    Paper reversal and pinhole

    Has anyone tried to use paper developed in a reversal process in a pinhole camera ?
    The procedure for paper reversal has already been discussed here in APUG (it works easily with RC paper) and it would be nice to get direct positive results with a pinhole camera loaded with paper... The prints would be unique (something like Polaroids) and as big as your camera can make them...
    I know that in the past, some photographers tried to do it with Cibachrome (as we called it back in time) but I am not sure about B&W.

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    Jan 2005
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    Reversal works the same with any silver emulsion -- develop, stop, bleach, clear, rinse, expose, redevelop, stop, and fix; hypo clear and wash as usual.

    You can get the stuff to make the bleach at the local hardware box store, BTW; copper sulfate is sold for clearing tree roots from drains, and sulfuric acid is apparently available as a drain cleaner as well (don't know that I've seen it, but I haven't looked that hard). Do use a sulfuric acid based bleach, however, instead of a rehalogenating bleach like that used in C-41 -- unless you like displaying your positives of black cats in coal bins, exposed with (un)available light...
    Photography has always fascinated me -- as a child, simply for the magic of capturing an image onto glossy paper with a little box, but as an adult because of the unique juxtaposition of science and art -- the physics of optics, the mechanics of the camera, the chemistry of film and developer, alongside the art in seeing, composing, exposing, processing and printing.



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