Thank you all again for your replies. My Son said thank you very much for your comments. I love you comment Clueless. Very funny. It is funny that you mention the Holga. I have one and he has one as well. He wouldn't shoot with it. Again, the Digital Grandfather got to him. I think I can get him behind the Holga after yesterday. I am trying to convince him to use film. He stated to me that "You used digital". Which I did, at one time. I told him that I learned from my mistake. I also told him to "do as I say, not what I do". I don't mind him learning from my Father. I think it is great. But, I flat refuse to teach him Digital. I wish you all a great day and thanks again for your kind comments. Maybe I will put some of his work in the APUG Sales Gallery at a later date. That ought to teach him that Film sells better than digital.