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Thread: f295 Symposium

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    f295 Symposium

    Now THESE guys know how to market a conference ...
    f295 News (mostly Symposium) Update
    2 March 2007

    Part of my action packed trip to New York City 2 weeks ago was to solidify a partnership with B&H Photo & Video! B&H will soon be cross promoting the f295 Symposium to their customers! AND a B&H representative (whose also a HUGE lensless enthusiast!) will have a promotional table in the lobby of McConomy Hall during the symposium on Friday 27 April, at which they'll be handing out catalogs, answering questions and offering sale flyers with symposium specials and sales on discounted merchandise and supplies! Look for future announcements on this exciting development! And look for the f295 logo in their next promotional email announcement!

    *We're receiving strong interest from people far and near. We've had inquires from the UK and Germany as well as a host of people from the states: New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, California and many places in between! Professional and amateur photographers, faculty and students, and just *regular* people This event is shaping up to be the biggest most diverse and interesting gathering of lensless/alternative photography enthusiasts in the past 25 years (somewhat arbitrary, but I think accurate).... AND We have the beginnings of a nice group from the forum attending.... will you be adding your name to the list? email me if you're thinking about it. This thread started by gneissgirl (thanks!) is an ongoing dialogue on whose attending, where they're staying and other thoughts:

    *The early registration rate has been extended through Sunday March 4! This is your last chance for this great rate! Register now... by phone 412-268-1125 OR...

    *You can now register ONLINE!

    *Many hotels are sold out due to Pitt Commencement being that weekend... How dare they schedule over the symposium and worldwide pinhole day! but I found that the holiday inn express on pittsburgh's southside has rooms and a free shuttle that goes to the symposium: Holiday Inn Express Pittsburgh South Side-
    1-412-488 1130 Their shuttle also goes into town (for the f295 exhibition) and will probably get you fairly close to the Daguerreian Society.

    All Symposium attending f295 members will be granted exclusive early admission to the 'f295 Exhibition of Lensless and Alternative Photography' taking place at 709 Penn in downtown Pittsburgh's cultural district. We'll have the place to ourselves for an hour before admitting the general public. Oh, there will be a few special guests too... Watch for more f295 members only symposium event announcements (there will be several!)

    *Download our official Symposium flyer! print, post and hand out to anyone you think may have interest!

    A Couple of other important announcements!
    *WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Pleaes join in the discussion by posting questions, comments and images. Join the fun!

    *Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is fast approaching... What are YOU going to do? It's my hope you'll be spending it in Pittsburgh!
    Looks like a lot of fun. Who's going?

    Regards, Art.
    Visit my website at www.ArtLiem.com
    or my online portfolios at APUG and ModelMayhem

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    It was nice to see you yesterday.

    We hope we can do these things with next APUG conference in Philadelphia. Hopefully in a couple of years when my bathrooms are done.


    Quote Originally Posted by gr82bart View Post
    Now THESE guys know how to market a conference
    ----- P R O J E C T B A S H O -----
    Re-introducing Photography to Philadelphia
    Explore Tuscany's faces and places with Andrea Modica

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    A couple of quick things regarding The f295 Symposium.

    *If anyone from APUG is planning to attend and would like to attend the preview party for the f295 Exhibition of Lensless and Alternative Photography let me know and I'm pleased to add you to the guest list.

    *Enrollment was going as well as we could have hoped and to celebrate that we extended our rates and eliminated the costly in-person rate of $200. So from now until April 20 you may register for $120 and after that a mere $165. Register here: http://www.f295.org/wordpress/?page_id=64

    *if any of you happen to be in PA and are a teacher-- we were just approved to offer Act 48 credit for the event. contact me for info.

    Here is a bit about each of the people presenting at the event:
    Jo Babcock, who just might be the king of low tech cameras. Jo takes
    the most mundane objects and gives them life as a camera and then uses
    these cameras to look inward and capture what is missing in their life.

    Craig Barber teaches at the Center for Photography at Woodstock and
    travels all over the world with his pinhole camera, focusing on the
    cultural landscape. Craig is also an amazing platinum printer.

    Barbara Ess, an associate professor of photography at Bard College,
    whose otherworldly pinhole book I am Not This Body: The Pinhole
    Photographs of Barbara Ess, was selected as one of the ten top photography books of the year by the Village Voice.

    Alan Greene is an expert in mid-19th Century Cameras & Negatives. His
    book Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses, and
    Calotypes takes you step by step through the process of building your own cameras as well as teaching the photographic techniques of over a 150 years ago.

    Patricia Katchur is the director of the Center for Alternative and
    Historic Processes right here in NYC. The school is dedicated to the
    process of do-it-yourself photography.

    Terry King, from London, has been leading workshops for over 25 years
    on hands-on processes like gum printing, bromoil, cyanotype, and the rex process.

    Tom Persinger, founded and directs f295, an international organization
    with over 1000 members, interested in furthering the dialogue of the
    art of lensless photography.

    Mike Robinson works as a modern master of the daguerreotype. A
    long-neglected and demanding photographic art, the daguerreotype produces a direct positive image on silvered copper plate. He will also have images on display at the Daguerreian Society exhibition: Daguerreotypes Past and Present.

    Complete information may be found on the website:

    and, another mention on MAKE for f295!




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