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    The Great Picture - a pinhole photograph

    In July 2006 a a group of photographers in Orange County created the largest photograph in the world using the world's largest one-time use camera. The Legacy Group use a jet fighter repair hanger on the now-closed El Toro MCAS as a pinhole camera to produce a photograph more than three stories high and eleven stories long. That's 35' x 111'! It was a project requiring the help of many volunteers, probably in the hundreds, and it took real nerve to make the exposure on a single, seamless piece of light sensitive muslin cloth dangling from the rafters of the hanger. One of the photographers, Rob Johnson, gave a video interview to me in August, just before The Great Picture was shown for the first time publicly. A movie of that interview can be seen at:


    The photograph attached to this post is ©2006 The Legacy Group, used with permission.

    Cut and paste the URL into your browser, then sit back with a cup of coffee
    or a bottle of beer and enjoy the show!

    Tony Mournian
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Great Picture 2780 cropped.jpg  



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