Greetings this is a very good link ( Every year at Christmas we do one of the best international swap. The only rules are performed during the month of December 2009 and a pinhole photography...

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.....So, here it is!

Please consider joining. The swap is one of the best pinhole happenings each year.
...The rules are pretty inclusive. Basically, it just has to be a pinhole image. I have seen everything from hand printed silver gelatin to Walmart greeting card style images. Every year there are a small number of participants who actually mail an image on a postcard with a stamp, but most put an image into an envelope, with or without a separate greeting card.

In five years, the hand-made prints that I have received have included silver gelatin prints, photogravure, cyanotype, salted paper, and van dyke brown prints. However, the vast majority of prints are created by delivering a digital file to a commercial holiday card printing service available at just about any photo processing location.

Please consider joining, thanks