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    Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011

    The eleventh annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day will be celebrated on Sunday, April 24, 2011. Please join the celebration! www.pinholeday.org If you are able to help with publicity or translations, especially Chinese, Catalan or Hungarian, please email support@pinholeday.org.

    The Details:
    The coordinators of the eleventh annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day are busy preparing for this upcoming major global festival. It will be the traditional last Sunday in April; the next one will be April 24, 2011. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on Pinhole Day, can scan the image and upload it to the www.pinholeday.org website where it will become part of the premier gallery of lensless photography. In 2011, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is the same day as the Easter holiday; for 2011 only, we will accept pinhole photographs taken between April 23 and May 1. The deadline for submitting photos to the gallery will continue to be 24:00 GMT on May 31.

    Last year, 3449 participants from 70 countries contributed images to the WPPD 2010 Gallery. Over 150 events - workshops, exhibits, lectures, etc. - were held throughout the world. All of these events were coordinated locally by volunteers.

    If you don't have this celebration marked on your calendar please do it soon! Join the world in this joyous celebration of simple photography.

    Watch the www.pinholeday.org website for more information. And join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116445085078001

    - We are looking for help with our publicity efforts in various countries and regions. These local or regional coordinators would be part of the team that our Publicity Coordinator, Paolo Aldi, is assembling to spread the word about our sublime, yet joyously wacky, annual pinhole exhibit. Mostly this would be emails to publications, schools, galleries and other groups in your area. If you would like to help with this effort, please contact publicity at publicity@pinholeday.org.

    - If you'd like to organize an event, such as a workshop, lecture or a photo shoot, you can add it to the events calendar at www.pinholeday.org/events or contact events at events@pinholeday.org. An event can be as simple as a pinhole excursion with friends or interested photographers, or it can be a workshop or exhibit. Check the "Workshop Resources" documents on the Pinhole Day Resource page for ideas.

    - If you are a teacher, your students can participate in WPPD as a group. To do this, enter your class's participation as an event at www.pinholeday.org/events or contact events at events@pinholeday.org. Choose "classroom" as the type of event. Your class will be listed as a "group" in the gallery. When your class is selected from the group list, it will create a virtual exhibit of your students' work.

    - If you are a graphic designer... we're interested in suggestions for a new, or alternative, logos. Please submit your ideas to support@pinholeday.org.

    Another major holiday is in the works for April 24, 2011! We all look forward to your photograph in the 2011 gallery.

    WPPD 2011 Coordinating Team
    Tom Miller (Lead & Events - USA)
    Nick Dvoracek (Support - USA)
    Chuck Flagg (Education - USA)
    Paolo Aldi (Publicity - Italia)
    Gregg Kemp (Webmaster - USA)
    Wolfgang Thoma (Translations - Belgium)

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    WWPD Next Weekend!

    Just a reminder to get your shoeboxes, paint cans, matchboxes, etc. prepped...
    Considerably AWOL at the present time...

    Archive/Blog: http://davidwilliamwhite.blogspot.com

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    I've given out over 10 35mm plastic film canister pinhole cameras to my friends to take a solargraph images with for WPPD I figured this is a way I could spread the wonder of pinhole photography without anyone having to learn anything about exposure and without me having to develop all the photos. Hoping all of them turn out great.

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    Thanks for the reminder... I would have forgotten again without it. I'd miss christmas or my own birthday if nobody told me

    I'll be using a 35mm panorama camera (f=25mm for 24x56mm) and high resolution medium format 6x6 (from an old Kiev back) this year and also try another solargraph. Last year's converted 35mm SLR was rather disappointing, so I'll try something new. Sadly, I know no one who could be converted to pinholism...

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    My daughter Jane and I will be participating! Jane made a great pinhole and pinhole camera out of a tin and already got a great shot from it. I on the other hand made a horrible pinhole that did not make a very good image. Fortunately someone sent me a pinhole that I shall mount in my camera! Should be fun!



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