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    Quote Originally Posted by vintagesnaps View Post
    Sounds like you got a nice camera. I just got a Retina (thrift store find) that seems to be a similar model to yours. Mine has a fixed lens, a Schneider-Kreuznach f2.8/45mm Retina-Xenar.

    I have some Kodak Series V and VI filters in my stash and so far none of those seem to fit my lens. The manual for my camera mentions some filters etc. such as the Kodak Retina 32 Lens Hood, the Retina Close-Up Kit Model C (which requires a Kodak Retina Camera Platform, Model C) etc. If you want more specifics let me know.

    Mine came with a 46mm lens cap that says Made in West Germany; I don't know if that's original to the camera but it fits nice and snug over the outer edge of the lens. This lens is more recessed than some of the other Kodaks I have that take the Series filters, so it makes me think at least some of the Retinas must have had their own type filters and hoods.

    Yes my book as named lenses too. but when i look them up on ebay it gives me more then what im looking for.

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    I just got a Kodak Retina Automatic 3. I had it CLA'd at Chicago Camera. I am looking for the correct lens shade. It probably is a 39mm push on. There are no threads on the outer portion of the lens but it looks like the inner part of the lens accepts 39mm accessories.

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