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All opinions about camera handling aside.

The M and Barnack Leica's are relatively massive things and the tripod socket being part of the removable bottom plate, makes my answer NO, do not carry a Leica with this gizmo.

I am sure eventually the bottom plate will start to wear here and there and eventually fail with a crack somewhree and start to leak light and shimmy.... it would take a while...

I have taken apart (and fixed) a few cameras, and am amazed at how badly the tripod screw is attached to many SLR's from the 80's...(sopmetimes with 3 tiny screws inside) my answer might be no to many of these.

I have had to tighten up the tripod screw attachment on my trusty Hasselblad once or twice over the decades too.
Thanks for your opinion! So this sounds like a not-so-good idea. Neck straps and wrist straps it is...