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    Red striped Leica lenscaps?

    Hey everyone! Within the last few weeks I became the owner of two 1951 Leitz lenses for Leica rangefinder. (I checked the serial numbers for manufacture dates.) The lenses are in super shape, the previous owner was either super careful with them or didn't use them often.

    I found both lenses with their push on lens caps on, screwed inside their plastic bubbles. When I look on the internet at pictures of other people's Leica lenses of this era, the lens caps are all silver. Both of my Leica branded lenscaps have red stripes around the side.Click image for larger version. 

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    I think that attached a little photo of the lenscap... Is that red stripe something the previous owner did, or did it mean something from the factory? The red paint is flaking off in some places. The previous owner had a whole lot of cameras, and I suspect maybe he did it to distinguish his screw mount lenses from the bayonet lenses at a quick glance. I know it's probably nothing, but since I'm not that steeped in the fine details of Leica lore I thought I'd better ask.

    By the way, Since I got the lenses I bought a body to use them with. All my photo stuff is for shooting, I don't keep wall hangers. Thanks everyone!
    I confess I'm a gear nut within my price range. ;)
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    It looks like the cap of the summitar the star. I have never seen one but it's just a cap, I would not think Leica would do that to distinguish a lens as you could easly loose the distinguishing mark.

    Good idea for pulling lenses out of the bag though.



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