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    Zorki4k/Fed2 viewfinder - image cropped

    I always and maybe it´s my ignorance that what you see in a rangefinder with a 50mm lens is what is on the negative, but my pictures seem cropped.
    How much in the viewfinder does it crop, I read somewhere that there is more than what you see, but my judgment says it´s the opposite.
    I am using a Jupiter 8 and a Industar-10 lens.

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    On the Zorki 3's & 4's accurate framing has a lot to do with how you set your diopter and adjust for parallax. I can't wear glasses and frame with the Zorki's viewfinder so I pull them off and use about +3.5 on the diopter to focus. That means I get a lot more around the edges of the film than what I see. Most of the time I will focus then go wide with the diopter and frame blurry. I find that gets me closer but it is still questionable as to what is getting in the shot. To me the viewfinder is closer to 4:3 than 3:2 so I just frame accordingly assuming the top and bottom will be cropped. The most reliable results for me have come from using a viewfinder. I bought the Russian turret one and it works ok. And yes, I'm still trying to figure out the framing thing too.... I've been shooting SLR's since the 70's and Rangefinders since December.... It's just a little different.
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