While testing the new Rollei Infrared-400 film (820nm) I made the corrections of my Canon lenses with the IR mark. Corrected for 800 nm, but also depends on the filter you are using (in my case Heliopan 715 nm).

Because I bought a Leica M7 several month's ago I also would try this film in the M7. So I called Leica - Solms Germany (I am the owner of the Summicron 2,0/50mm and the Elmarit 2,8/28mm) if they could explain how to correct.

Their APO lenses are corrected wide in I.R. so there you don't need correction and for my Elmarit 2,8/28mm the DOF is enough to prevent any problem for this film.
The Summicron (50mm) you can correct from infinity to 50m. Regular Leica (M) lenses do not have any correction mark. So far the remarks about this item from one of their product specialists in Solms, Germany.

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