Dear Tom,

I have been using Voigtlander lenses since they came out. Between us my wife and I own 15/4.5 21/4 28/1.9 -35/1.7 - 35/2.5 -50/1.5 - 50/2.5 and 90/3.5. We've also used the 12, 25, 35/1.2 and 75. All are good, solid lenses with very good performance. I have no hesitation in treating them like my Leica lenses.

The bodies are inevitably less durable than a Leica but we own and use an R2A, R2S and T and have owned an R2 (again, since each came out -- consider what we do for a living). We have also reviewed the L and R3A. Again, unless you hammer them, you should have no problems -- though RF alignment is easier with Leicas.

With a little practice, you can keep both eyes open with a 0,72x Leica too. The 1:1 finder of the R3A/R3M is nice, but I'd rather have a 35mm frame as 35mm is my standard lens.


Roger ( -- where you might care to take a look at the blurb about our book, 'Rangefinder', Guild of Master Craftsmen 2003, ISBN 1-86108-330-0)