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How are you doing, Brian? You said you were feeling a bit under the weather last week.
Much better. Thanks for asking. The kids were passing a cold around. School started again so for a while we (parents) will be coming down with whatever germs the kids are sharing. Eventually our imune systems should become better developed

I had a chance to take a few snaps with the Retsina :o over the weekend. Also played with the MF SLR. I had the good fortune of being gifted with 20 rolls of TX120 and 10 rolls of E100GX by a local dealer who "wouldn't sell me film because all he had was short-dated." I haven't shot much slide film in the last decade so I loaded up a roll and "posed" the new car. They came out quite nice... but I have absolutely no use for a bunch of car pictures so I don't quite know what I'll do with them. Oh well, if that's the only problem in my life I'd be lucky!

How's you?