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Gotta remember Zeiss has been in & out of the market before & doesn't have a history of great staying power. Right now they're offering alternative to mfrs. lenses and the quality is high, but they're not really more than a third party supplier.

Knowin' that statements gonna go over like a fart in church.
Leica has now become a third party manufacturer of lenses for Ziess M-mount cameras.

Actually, John, Zeiss was never a camera manufacturer, so they have always been a third party supplier of exquisite optics. Being "third party" does not imply "inferior" unless you want to read it that way.

As a point of fact, they have never left the market, not been "in & out." Zeiss has been around as an optics company for 180 years. I'd say that's pretty good staying power. They are an older company than Leica & a much larger one with a much more diverse application of optics, greater research facilities, & far better financing. If I had to put money on which company would be around longer, my money would be on Zeiss.

I love your turn of a phrase >". . . go over like a fart in church." I'm still laughing oveeer that one.