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The big idea that leaps out of the Modern Photography article I mentioned earlier in this thread is that small format shooters are usually pretty casual about focusing perfectly and are absolutely sloppy about motion control.
Shooting handheld is a recipe for low resolution. Most of us trade off resolution in the plane of best focus, wherever it might be, for depth of field. And many of us shoot low resolution emulsions and so can't get the best our lenses can give. And, as LF shooters like you never fail to remind the world, what matters is resolution in the final print, not resolution on film.

All of which are reasons to pay more attention to technique and to the desired result than to lens tests.


How true ! But facts which are mostly ignored anyway. These words should be tatooed on the forehead of all these test chart nuts , and so they would be reminded to the TRUTH each morning while brushing their teeths !!