Right, Now I have just spent an hour I can't afford playing with this idea. This is what I did; with the aperture wide open and held on B with a cable release, I focused on the ribs on the film plane of the Konicathat support the film, using a macro lens on an SLR. I then focused the Konica on different items placed at close, medium and distant range, using the rangefinder. The image appearing in the SLR viewfinder was sharp for all the images. If I mis-focused the konica the SLR seemed to focus just off the film plane too. I think this confirms the focusing of the Konica as being good; but, of course it is difficult to be sure. We are talking about minuscule differences, which could be accommodated by the depth of field of the macro lens, even wide open. I think a better course is to use a measured and graded image, like a metre rule focused halfway down and see if the image on the developed negative indicates the same point on the ruler. Need a bit of time on this but I still suspect the lens isn't that sharp. How would people here on APUg expect the lens to hold up against the 38mm on my Rollei 35AFM?