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    G2 Iv'e decided !

    Hello everyone.

    Well Iv'e done it, the G2 is on order and you are to blame

    How could I buy anything else when most of you are delighted
    and so positive about the camera.

    There are always alternatives but the contax is the best compromise for me.

    I couldn't afford an M anyway if if I had pushed myself to get one
    there would have been little chance of getting other optics.

    With the G2 that's definatly possible.

    Many thanks to all who reponded, I will let you know how it works out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Ullsmith View Post
    Being a man of not-unlimited-means, I chose a used G2 over the M and I could not be happier. A friend of mine who happens to be of nearly-unlimited-means gave me (and I am not making this up) two Leica bodies and a mess of lenses, cases, filters, books. I have to lie to him from time to time about how much I use them, because I don't. I am terrified to. I will probably auction them for charity when he passes. I couldn't walk around with six grand hanging around my neck. Or stick it out the window of a train, or wade up to me neck in the lake. Just couldn't do it.

    Serviceability might be an issue in the future with the G2. My one and only episode with Contax USA was unpleasant and expensive.
    Tocad of America has hired all of the Contax repair
    personnel. They have taken responsibility for maintaining Contax G2's 645's & the last SLR's.


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