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    I talked to both of them about 6 months ago and DAG had two prices depending if it needed a complete service or just minor stuff. I felt confident that he would advise me appropriately as to what was needed.

    Sherry only did a complete service or maybe told me thats what I needed, I forget. I would think that a complete overhall or whatever is needed. Prices about the same. I did talk to Sherry at length and liked her "no nonsense" attitude.

    I will have more than one and they have never been service since I have owned them (20+yrs) and will probably use both of them, when the time comes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lens_hacker View Post
    ... there are many people that are satisfied with Youxin's work.
    i have had a camera and 3 lenses worked on by youxin.
    he did a find job with my "stuff", and i would not hesitate
    to bring him others to work on.
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