I have the Olympus 35 RC, and the one nice thing is that it has a decent range of manual shutter speeds. The body is small. The lens is very good. You'll need to replace the foam seals, unless someone else has done the work for you.

If you want something different and fun, try a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim.

It's a very inexpensive camera ($10 or less) with a 22mm lens. Google it, and you'll find plenty of photos. It's about as simple as they come: Serrated film-advance wheel. Tiny rewind crank. Single shutter speed. Single aperture. No flash. Tiny rewind knob that's built for someone with tiny, tiny hands. Awesome camera. Works best with a 400-speed film.

Regarding film, check out Freestyle (freestylephoto.biz). They have a lot of different films, especially black and white.

Some is rebadged Kodak, Ilford and Agfa. Others are emulsions from Eastern Europe, such as Maco, Efke or Adox.

I'm currently trying some Fomapan 200. I've also been very pleased with Ilford Pan F and FP4. Rollei has jumped into the film game -- some is rebadged Maco, I believe.

Anyway, they have a lot of different offerings, and you can buy just two or three rolls to give it a try. I like trying different b/w films, because each often has its own character.