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    The Ilford service was brought in house recently, before then it was outsourced. Got to visit during this years tour, and the people running it seem really keen on providing a really top notch service, and it shows.

    They process any B&W film, but they only have one standard developer, If your maco film would be ok in a standard developer, I dont see why not. Why not give them a call, the bloke running the machine was genuinely keen to provide a good service, I'm sure he would help.

    10 Days is longer then my experience since the service moved. I posted a film last Saturday, and the came back to me this Saturday.

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    Another processing company I used a few times had small boxes in which you could post the film, for processing to them. When posting from Europe, this made the postage to them much less than a pound but when a film was in a normal envelope, I would pay more than £3 for the postage. Anybody know where I can get such a box?


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    Too bad I'm living in spain, and the Ilford distributor is in Madrid, I'm living near Barcelona (I believe there are good labs there though). Finding the envelopes seems to be hard, and bit expensive.
    But I'm sure that Ilford's service will be better for B&W than any lab 100km from here. I find far more convenient leaving the film on the mail and have it again 10 days after, than go to BCN, leave the film, and return another day.
    Edit [you can jump the text below, it's just a film shooter complain about his lab]
    The lab where I develop my prints, just sends it to their base and they develop, scan and print digitally that with color, but I believe it's the same for B&W. Which is crap (allow me the expression). I would like to find a nice lab where developing is at least done with something decent for B&W, with enlarger (optically, was it?).
    [Complain finishes here]
    Let's see if carnival arrives here, and can give an excuse for try Ilford film. I hope HP5 will do enough at asa 400
    I wish to get a darkroom someday (student, so I'm poor ATM), because the local lab makes you pay double for push process any film (so 24€ per 36exp roll at 4x6" prints). And, I find interesting the DIY way.
    Ah bad, I ended making a complaining post, not a praise.

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    Interesting. I'm in Spain too and, although I'm pretty happy with the lab I use in Valencia, I'm always interested in a better alternative.

    Does anyone have experience of the Ilford service with Kodak films? Specifically Tri-X (sometimes pushed) and TMZ (also sometimes pushed)? I don't need prints, but reasonable scans of each frame on CD. Or maybe even downloadable? Now THAT would be very useful...

    Cheers, Paul.
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