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Thread: Another Zorki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srs5694 View Post
    If I forget to pre-cut the film or take scissors, I might finish a roll and be unable to load another one for lack of scissors.
    One of the strengths, I suppose, of spooling your own film.

    I foresee setting aside a few home-spooled rolls as 'Leica rolls' once my Leica IIIc is resuscitated, with a leader specifically cut.

    But in this security-paranoid society I can see that the act of bringing a knife or scissors when out shooting could cause widespread panic, a code-red terror level alert, famine, pestilence, etc.

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    That's precisely why I think a Fed 2 (or 3) makes a better user than a Fed 1, and a Zorki 4 makes a better user than a Zorki 1. Less time, less fuss, less hassle.

    Admittedly I'd like to own a bottom-loader, but I certainly won't depend on it as an everyday shooter.
    Jim MacKenzie - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    A bunch of Nikons; Feds, Zorkis and a Kiev; Pentax 67-II (inherited from my deceased father-in-law); Bronica SQ-A; and a nice Shen Hao 4x5 field camera with 3 decent lenses that needs to be taken outside more. Oh, and as of mid-2012, one of those bodies we don't talk about here.

    Favourite film: do I need to pick only one?

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