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    Heh, I'm on the lookout for a FED 2 as well. I recently picked up the Industar 61 L/D here in advance of buying a body.

    That will be my first FSU camera. Frankly, I'm not sure if it will stick for me. Maybe I'm just in 'collector denial', but I'm trying to stick with a set of cameras that have interesting role for me.

    I've got a Canonet 17 for general walk around work, a Lynx 14 for the extra speed at night, a Olympus 35DC for ... heck if I know. I like the image quality I get and the fact that it makes me focus on composition instead of exposure.

    The FED 2 would be my interchangeable lens rangefinder (I'm too cheap for something higher end) but I don't know the size/ergonomics would be a deterrent to use. As much as I like the Lynx 14, I rarely use it due to the size and difficulty focusing it at night. I can't think of many reasons to use it over a small body SLR with a 1.4 lens other than price. Fortunately for the Lynx, I have neither so it will stick around for now.

    Maybe once I have lenses outside the ~50mm range the FED2 will show its utility.

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    Zorki 4 Shutter Work

    Quote Originally Posted by mablo View Post
    Bought a very nice looking Zorki 4K last week. It turned out to be a brick. I guess someone has forgotten the golden rule of cocking the shutter first. Well... I didn't lose a fortune.
    Good morning, Mablo;

    The file with the information on fixing a Zorki 4 shutter is by Rick Oleson, not John Goodman. Sorry about that. A probably excessive accumulation of years at this end. Anyway, go to


    You will find the notes, handmade drawings, and photographs there that will help you with that task. And I need to do it also with my Zorki 4 that came to live with the Zorki 4K. The 4 has a very slow second curtain on the slow speeds that almost makes it all the way across the film plane.

    Another web site that might be of interest is


    Ralph Javins, Latte Land, Washington

    When they ask you; "How many Mega Pixels you got in your camera?"
    just tell them; "I use activated silver bromide crystals tor my image storage media."

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