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Woo Hoo!

I still have to adjust the focus...Do I just put the lens at infinity and match the image with a tree far away?
Well, a lot depends on whether the rangefinder on your camera is accurate or not.

If it is accurate (check by matching up the split image in your viewfinder at different known distances and reading the focus distance off the focus scale around the lens), then focus on your subject by matching the split image. The Minolta 7s adjusts for parallax (but only up to the closest focus distance).

If the rangefinder is inaccurate, you can still use hyperfocal distance focusing by using the smallest aperture available under the circumstances (highest f number) and adjusting the focus so the the infinity distance symbol is opposite the f number being used. This will maximise your depth of field and, depending on the aperture used, most things will be in focus. (Do not use this for subjects closer than about six feet.)