Hi fellow PHX folks,

So there's some gear (well really, an M9 & Stupid fast glass) i'd like to try but have no way to shoot it without first buying it... right...

I wonder if there's any interest in a "pool" of stuff we can meet up & shoot with to see how it is.

I can start by offering my little collection:

15mm CV f4.5 & finder LTM
35mm f/2 Googled Ver.1 - 8 element
35mm Canon f2.8 LTM
50mm DR
50mm Canon f/1.2 LTM
50mm Summirit LTM
90mm f/2 2nd version Black
135mm Canon f3.5 LTM
135mm Hecktor LTM
M6ttl with motor Perfect
IIIf working perfectly

I have all the B&W filters for every lens, if you want to learn firsthand about filtering... and a darkroom that will do up to 10x10 negs... and a Wet Plate portable darkbox. (8x10, whole different story)