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    What would be a Resonable price for Leica iiif that needs a CLA

    Hello everyone,

    I was thinking of selling my cosmetically good Leica iiif with Canon 1.8 50mm but the Leica does need a CLA as the lower shutters do not fire accurately although the 1 second does work. Top shutters all fine, and I would sell it with 3 Leica Cartridges.

    I don't use this camera much I will be going large format and I use my Bronica all the time, I do have another 35mm if I wanted to shoot it but I really do prefer bigger formats.

    But what would a reasonable price be to ask for this camera?


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    It depends if the IIIf is a black dial or a red dial. If the numbers on the flash synch dial below the shutter dial are black, then the camera is a black dial. If they are red, then its a red dial. The later red dials are more desirable. Does it have a self-timer? Based on the information here, I'd say $200 for a black dial or $300 for a red dial factoring in $100-200 for the repair.

    There were two types of Canon 50mm f/1.8. An earlier Canon/Serenar chrome lens and a later model with a black focusing ring. I don't think there is much difference between the two types in terms of pricing. Price would depend on condition more than anything else. I'd probably ask $150 for the lens if it signs of age but was well cared for and in good working condition.

    The market in the UK is a bit different than in the US and in Canada where I live. I find that Leicas generally command a bit more money in the UK.
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    I recently paid 200 for a 'red dial' in mint condition.
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