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Thread: Rf Vs SLR

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    Here's the solution I've just implemented for the same problem: I've kept my SLR body and a 100 mm macro lens and a 2x converter. That does what my new ZI can't i.e. close up and two lengths of telephoto. My initial lens kit for the ZI is 18, 35 and 85 mm. I reckon I've got all the bases more or less covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kivis View Post
    Zeiss Ikon ZM vs Nikon FM3A. Which should I keep? can't afford both.
    hmm Im a bit puzzled here. Maybe its not for me to know but why can´t you afford to keep both? The money you get for selling an analouqe camera (at least a Nikon) wont last long and speaking about getting Zeiss lenses for either one or the other doesn´t make sense, they cost a fortune.

    If its about concentrating on one system, one type of camera much depend on what kind of photography you do and which focal lenghts you like the most. If its strictly a money problem then keep the nikon, lenses are cheaper and the system more versatile. Maybe youll give up superior wide angle image quality but would you honestly know the difference if not compairing?
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