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    Leica SF 20, questions.

    Hi guys,

    I need more information on the Leica SF 20 flash. Some questions I have ...

    How does the TTL operate on an M6 TTL camera?

    Do I get exposure compensation with TTL?

    Do I get exposure compensation with auto (aperture) mode?

    Is the TTL flash slow/visible (like the 24D on the M8/M9)? (unlike the instantaneous TTL with the pro-dSLRS)

    The 123A batteries ain't much of a problem, since I'm also planning to get some Surefire flashlights.

    My main purpose of this flash is to use it in minimal-light situations, indoors, and situations when I need it. It needs to be quite compact, with some considerable degree of control. Thus the Leica SF 20 fits my needs perfectly.
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